Szép Palkó | A Fairytale Folk Dance Show by Maros Ensemble

Expect to be mesmerised by a spectacular fairy tale dance production on Sunday 26th May in the afternoon , as Maros Ensemble showcase a spectacle suitable for children and adults alike. This fairy tale is well known by both Transylvanian children and adults. You can read it in the Benedek Elek collections, which were compiled … Read moreSzép Palkó | A Fairytale Folk Dance Show by Maros Ensemble

Relived Figures | Maros Ensemble

A Selection From The Colourful World of Central Transylvanian Folk-Dance Heritage. On Saturday 25th May at Góbéfest This show lifts it’s dance content from Central Transylvania heritage. This region gets it’s diversity from the coming together and meeting of well known geographic areas, and their gradual amalgamation into one, as well as the colourful dance … Read moreRelived Figures | Maros Ensemble

Maros Ensemble presents: If you knew what I know | Friday 24th May

The Maros Ensemble, with over 60 years of experience behind them, grounded firmly on the roots of folk arts, presents the folklore of the different cultures living together in Transylvania to the highest standard, including the folk arts of Hungarians, Romanians, Germans and Romas. It’s primary goal is to popularise folk arts, strengthen young peoples … Read moreMaros Ensemble presents: If you knew what I know | Friday 24th May

Go Be Backstage

Are you 18-30? Would you like a career in the creative industries? Are you looking for hands on experience in the festival circuit? Would you like to learn about sound engineering, stage management, artist liaison, marketing & PR, event management? If this sounds like you then come and take part in the GoBe Backstage project, … Read moreGo Be Backstage

Become a Volunteer

Get Involved Would you like to be part of the Góbéfest team by becoming a volunteer? Volunteers are a vital part of our community festival. We have opportunities in all aspects of event production from stage management to marketing and artist liaison. Volunteering provides valuable experience. Become a Volunteer

Hire a Pitch

Attracting a large number of visitors from all over the UK, Góbéfest offers an excellent trading opportunity in the centre of Manchester,  in front of the town hall, in Albert Square, one of the key tourist attractions. Each year we look for stallholders who fit the event, selling high quality goods and gifts, as well … Read moreHire a Pitch