Hire a Pitch

Hire a Pitch

Attracting a large number of visitors from all over the UK, Góbéfest offers an excellent trading opportunity in the centre of Manchester,  in front of the town hall, in Albert Square, one of the key tourist attractions. Each year we look for stallholders who fit the event, selling high quality goods and gifts, as well as tasty food and drink.

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Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Get Involved

Would you like to be part of the Góbéfest team by becoming a volunteer? Volunteers are a vital part of our community festival. We have opportunities in all aspects of event production from stage management to marketing and artist liaison. Volunteering provides valuable experience.

Dates for 2019

Dates for 2019

We are pleased to announce the dates for this years Góbéfest.  Taking place slightly earlier than last year,  the festival will be happening on the 24, 25, 26th of May, a  weekend destined to be magical and memorable.  The festival will be followed by a bank holiday, so you really have no excuse not to be there. 

Download the full programme

Download the full programme

3 days, 3 performance areas,  3 bars, more than 20 acts,  25 stalls,  Over 16 workshops, discussions & demonstrations, young creatives from 10 countries,  over 50 dancers,  countless musicians and plenty of Góbé’s

If you cannot wait to get your own printed copy at the festival, you can download the full programme for Góbéfest 2018 in advance and check out the wealth of performances, workshops, activities, stalls and activities we have planned for you.



Download the Góbéfest 2018 Programme

Hungarian Heritage House

Hungarian Heritage House

The Hungarian Heritage House is a national cultural institution that preserves and promotes the traditional culture of the Carpathian Basin.

The Carpathian Basin has always been a multi-national and therefore a multi-cultural region. Since these traditional cultures used to live together, we can regard it as one unit: a colourful, vivid and powerful whole involving Hungarian, Rumanian, Swabian, Gipsy and Slavic traditions and folk art. The traditional folk culture of Hungary and its neighbouring countries as well as their ethnic groups has always provided a fertile ground for studying intangible cultural heritage and has always been able to fill the soul with energy.

The scope activities of the HHH covers all fields of folklore, i.e. folk music, folk dance, handicraft and storytelling. The Institute performs arts programmes through performances of the world famous Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and its orchestra, as well as many other bands and dance ensembles. It is co-partner of music festivals and operates a concert venue in a fully modernized historical building at the heart of Budapest. It organizes applied folk arts programmes and provides wide selection of courses (e.g. jewelry-making, carpet waving, basket making or embroidery, singing, zither playing, story-telling) at both professional and hobby levels, adult education and handicraft workshops as well as children programmes (e.g. complex interactive educational programmes, special stage performances, contests and táncház/dance house). Its folklore documentation centre serves scientific and educational purposes with the services of its library and archives, while the Museum of Applied Hungarian Folk Art collects and exhibits items related to folk art in thematic temporary exhibitions. Cultural management and networking activities throughout the Carpathian Basin and beyond are to transmit the values of traditional culture.

One of HHH’s exhibitors and lecturers is Éva Salamon egg painting master. Egg painting is one of the oldest traditions, in fact it’s older than Hungary. The art of decorating Easter eggs in the Carpathian Basin was originally a Pagan ritual but was carried over with the acceptance of Christianity. Eggs are decorated with simple geometric shapes or ornamented with swirls of plants and flowers. The colour red is often used as it symbolizes the blood of Christ. Éva coming from Gyergyókilyénfalva (Szeklerland) is a specialist of szekler ornaments and techniques.

GoBeArt Panel

GoBeArt Panel

Saturday 23 June, 4pm-5.30pm – GoBeArt Tent, Albert Square, Manchester

Budapest Memos

Castlefield Gallery Castelfield Gallery Associate Coordinator, Jane Lawson
Artist and Co-Director of Paradise Works (Salford), Lucy Harvey

Following the 2017 Góbéfest: GoBeArt Panel, in March 2018 and in partnership with a-n the Artists Information Company and the New Generation Centre, Castlefield Gallery supported eight contemporary visual artists and one writer all living and working in the North West of England, to undertake an Artist International Delegation to Budapest, via Munich. The delegation travelled by train using the journey as a short-burst residency to learn more about contemporary and historical Europe. The group’s visit in Budapest focused on visiting and connecting with galleries and artist-run projects, in particular to share learning and bring knowledge back to the UK on how artists respond to, and are able to navigate sudden political and social shifts that directly impact how and where they are able to work.

Hear about the delegation’s experiences from Castlefield Gallery’s Jane Lawson and participant Lucy Harvey.

Internationalism and Arts – Discussion on Cultural/Art Exchange

Hear from an expert panel of artists, arts and cultural leaders, funders, and policy-makers about their experiences and perspectives on delivering international exchange programmes. Learn about the benefits of international exchange, challenges, sustainable approaches and models, as well as what is involved in establishing meaningful international collaborations.

Robert Grüman,

Róbert GRÜMAN is a public policy expert from Transylvania with a strong background in public administration, campaign management, tourism, entrepreneurship and NGOs. Passionate about working with intercultural teams, analyzing any problem and developing solutions. Strong in training, team work, leadership and organizational skills.

Róbert currently acts as elected Vice President of Covasna County Council and also as the Vice President of the Congress of Council of Europe. He is also a freelance trainer and consultant in international training courses founded by the European Commission through the Youth In Action and Erasmus+ programs.

In the last 10 years he has been a volunteer, founder and leader in different NGO’s, this experience he considers a second university, as it developed his problem solving, project management and leadership competences, skills that cannot be learned in the formal education system.

Jamie Allan,

Visual Artist and Filmmaker living and working in Manchester, studio holder at Rogue Artists’ Studios and a participant in the joint Castlefield Gallery / a-n Artist International Delegation to Budapest / Munich in March 2018.
Allan was an Erasmus Mundus scholar on the DocNomads MA programme hosted in Portugal (Universidade Lusófona), Hungary (SZFE University of Theatre & Film Arts) and Belgium (Sint-Lukas School of Art). He is currently working with peers from DocNomads to develop the CineCaravan, a travelling programme of work from Hungarian and international artists focusing on frontiers, human movement, and transnational identity that will be screened in Hungary and the UK.

Stephanie Grant – Creative Europe Desk

Steph currently works as Culture Manager for Creative Europe Desk UK, a partnership organisation which exists to promote Creative Europe in the UK and supports the UK’s creative and cultural sector to access this EU funding.

Steph has a background in music, starting with a Manchester based record label nearly 15 years ago. She has been involved in a number of international collaborative music projects both as a performer and project manager, and previously worked as a music relationship manager for Arts Council England.

Rhythm of Our Thoughts Erasmus Plus Project participant

„ROOTS: Rhythm of our thoughts”
International training course for your arts leaders and music leaders on exploring and practicing education through music with special focus on visual arts and web design as positive non – formal educational tools for empowerment, participation, intercultural communication
European citizenship of marginalised young people

17-25 June 2018, Manchester, United Kingdom

Anett Gecov

Anett is an associate of an international project New Generation Centre focusing on talent support and international knowledge exchange. She is responsible for developing and executing programs to support students and young professionals in their personal and career advancement. Besides this she is involved in projects such as developing methodology and curriculum of workshops ranging from design and intercultural communication, and co-founder of the recently launched venture MakersMarket.xyz. She is also the producer of the ArtInfusion project exploring art’s relation to other disciplines particularly technology and education.

Prior to moving to London she got a degree in art history philosophy and pedagogy in her native Hungary and gained 5+ years’ experience in Budapest’s contemporary art scene as a gallerist and a project coordinator.”


Chaired by

Tom Clarke, Sharp Project

With over 20 years’ experience in the Manchester creative industries Tom works for social enterprise SharpFutures, responsible for delivering PR, graphic design, events, online and social media for production facilities The Sharp Project and Space Studios Manchester as well as developing apprentice talent across a range of creative digital skillsets.

Previous to these roles Tom has worked for organisations such as the international music convention In The City, Factory Records and NOISE Festival as well being involved in the development of Manchester’s urban youth station Unity Radio, is part of team that delivers one of the world’s most successful code club Manchester CoderDojo as well as maintaining a keen interest in the music, creative and wider arts scenes, both locally and internationally.

Programmed by Beat Bazaar Projects & New Generation Centre in collaboration with Castlefield Gallery to coincide with Góbéfest 2018.

Beat Bazaar Projects

provides music making opportunities and cultural experiences for young people and the community, increasing participation and engagement in music and the arts. This includes hands on workshops in music production, singing, songwriting, digital arts and media. We develop high quality events, showcases,festivals, offering professional performance opportunities and industry experience for creative talent. Our projects are led by industry professionals, providing new skills, creative and cultural learning, artist development, transferable skills and pathways to further opportunities. Beat Bazaar Projects works with diverse communities and offers multicultural exchanges, providing intercultural dialogue in the community through music, arts and creative expression


New Generation Centre
The New Generation Centre UK launched in February, 2016 within the framework of the Hungarian National Talent Programme. The London based project’s mission is to support students and young professionals in their career development and to build up a strong professional community. The not-for-profit initiative organises cross-disciplinary, wide ranging programmes including conferences, talks, workshops and training.

Castlefield Gallery

Castlefield Gallery was established by artists in 1984, and is the first public contemporary visual art gallery to have opened in Manchester. The organisation delivers a programme of exhibitions, projects and events from its main gallery in central Manchester, whilst also commissioning, curating and producing off-site and public art, national and international artist residencies, and exchange programmes. Castlefield Gallery is an artist focused organisation, committed to supporting artistic and career development for visual artists, and operates a 200+ strong artist, curator and writer CG Associates professional development programme, membership also enabling access to New Art Spaces, pop-up art and production spaces located across Greater Manchester.

Castlefield Gallery’s international programme facilitates international exchange to export art being produced in the North West of England and enable meaningful relationships between artists nationally and internationally to flourish over extended periods of time.

Castlefield Gallery’s Artist Patron is Ryan Gander, OBE. Castlelfield Gallery is a registered charity, a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England and Manchester City Council Cultural Partner.