Drama pedagogy and puppetry is part of the educational program of the Zsigmond Kiraly Hungarian Supplementary School. Drama pedagogy focuses on the development of the verbal and non-verbal communication and the art of expressing feelings and emotions. This vital methodology supports the in-depth understanding of human nature, self-awareness and builds self-esteem. The children prepared this puppetry show especially for Góbéfest.

This show is witty little tale, it shows through the children lance the two-sided nature of good and bad. The story line has two main characters, a Cat and the Witch. The Cat is looking for the perfect witch, however, yet the Cat finds a completely different witch compared to his expectations and stereotypes. It produces comical situation through the story.
There was a lot of laughter and enjoyment during the preparation of this show, we hope the audience will enjoy just as much as we do.

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