If you happen to fall in love with Transylvania’s sounds, tastes and authentic flavours at Góbéfest, like so many of our audience members do,  and you get the urge to visit, we are pleased to recommend the most magical place where you can begin your first Transylvanian adventure.  (We already know you will want to go back, time after time.)

Travel to Traditional Transylvania as a guest on Count Kálnoky’s Historical Estate and on The Prince of Wales’s Transylvanian Properties. Travel to a land that time forgot. Discover how you can contribute to the restoration of Transylvania’s heritage and help to conserve its unspoilt nature. Be a guest in these unique cottages furnished in the traditional Szekler and Saxon styles and experience the slow-paced charm of Transylvanian village life.

Count Kálnoky’s Transylvanian Guesthouses at Miklósvár, (Miclosoara), in the heart of Szeklerland are the first authentic heritage accommodations.  Tours and activities introduce you to Transylvania’s living history and it’s pristine nature from one of the best locations in cultural Transylvania. https://www.facebook.com/visit.covasna/

H.R.H the Prince of Wales’s private nature retreat at Zalánpatak, (Valea Zalanului) lies nestled in the Carpathian Foothills.  It has kept it’s Transylvanian authenticity and is now open to welcome individual travellers from around the world.

The guesthouses in the Transylvanian village of Miklósvár / Micloșoara date back to the 1800’s and before. The buildings have been carefully restored in order to preserve their original charm and character. The cottages are situated within spacious gardens, some with storks nesting on nearby rooftops. They have been beautifully furnished with antiques in the Transylvanian Szekler and Saxon styles.

FIND OUT MORE AND BOOK HERE: http://www.transylvaniancastle.com/


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