“The power of music starts, where the power of the words end” Claude Debussy

Members of the Folktone band started to play together in 2013. They all grew up and got their musical education in Hungary and Serbia, then found a new home in the UK. Their wide range of repertoire, versatile activities, hunger for musical challenge and adventure allows them to perform all around the UK and abroad as well.

They have performed in England, in Wales, in Scotland, Hungary and in Germany. Future engagements are planned in Romania, Switzerland and in Japan. The band has four members, who all contribute something unique to the bands special profile. Folktone band also collaborates with other folk music groups and musicians in the UK, such as Kontraband, Csürös band, as well as with singers Szende Nagy, Ildikó Csige and Anita Dudás.

Folktone band performs regularly in Reading, Oxford and Bristol at various cultural events, as well as working in tight relationship with traditional Hungarian dance groups of Guildford Hungarian School, the Csillagszeműek Anglia and Hunique Dance London. Within the last 2 years the performances of the ensemble includs engagements at: Birmingham Moseley festival, Wales music festival, “Federsloh-Hannover Volksmusik weekend” “Tandem” festival of Oxford, and “Bach to baby” concert series in London.

Folktone ensemble showed their real commitment in education with their projects at Birmingham’s Arts cafe – workshop for children with special needs.

The ensemble is committed to look after living folk traditions in the Carpathian basin, they have visited culturally significant villages in Transylvania and different parts of Hungary, learning folk music and dance from traditional village musicians and dancers. They also visit courses on a regular basis to widen their music and dance repertoire even further. Members of the ensemble play several instruments, in addition to the standard violin, 3 or 4 string viola and double bass, they also use beaten gardon, dulcimer (cimbalom), kobza (folk lute), drums, accordion, recorders, jaw harp and the clarinet.

Violist Tamás Ferencz is also a professional folk dancer, who graduated from the National Dance Academy of Budapest, where he studied and researched Hungarian, Romanian, Moldavian and Greek traditional folk dances. Before settling in the UK he was principle dance teacher and choreograph of several different dance groups in south Hungary and in Serbia, as well as playing viola in different folk ensembles. Recently Tamás is teaching folk dance at Guildford, Oxford, Reading, Bristol Hungarian schools. He is also leading teacher and choreograph at Forras (Guildford), Reading, and Fareham dance groups. Tamás plays viola, kobza, beaten gardon, accordion and percussion in the band.

Double bass player Gojko Alilovic was born in Serbia, started to learn Hungarian Folk dance in his early childhood, then found his way to the double bass. As a result of his deep dedication to Hungarian folk music and dance, he founded a new music festival in Serbia “Öseink zeneje” – “Music of our ancestors”. He was also founding member of the Szökös folk music ensemble in northern Serbia. Beside the double bass, Gojko enjoys playing the beaten gardon and percussion instruments as member of the Folktone band.

Dulcimer player András Lovászi is a professional instrument maker and repairer in London. He graduated from the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest Hungary. Before settling in the Uk András played regularly with Rozsdamaro and Düvö folk ensembles. His special ability to play on different instruments contributes to the wide repertoire of Folktone band. He plays violin, viola, double bass, beaten gardon, drums, and clarinet.

Leader violinist Ádám Römer was born in a musical family and holds a Master Degree in Music from the Liszt Academy of Budapest, as well as a postgraduate diploma from the Berlin University of Arts and Toronto’s Glenn Gould School. Ádám is former principle player of the Leipzig Gewandhaus and Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestras. Since 2009 he is viola Section Leader of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and Visiting Tutor at Birmingham Conservatoire. As an avid folk musician, Ádám worked together with numerous professional folk music ensembles in Hungary, Argentina, Germany, Wales, Romania and Australia. Recently Ádám joined the newly founded Birmingham Hungarian School, where he teaches folk music for children.

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