Our debut festival, Góbéfest 2017 took place from the 11th -14th of May in Manchester City Centre.  Our first event GoBeArt Talks was held at Castlefield Gallery.  This was followed by a folk dance showcase at the Dancehouse Theatre.  The main open air festival was held at Albert Square in front of Manchester Town Hall.


  • Góbéfest 2017 attracted 10,000 people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities to Manchester City Centre. People traveled from all over the UK to attend the festival.
  • The international festival involved three countries Hungary, Romania and the UK. Collaborative connections were also made in Ireland. The festival showcased a variety of dances and flavours including Székely, Hungarian, Romanian, Csángó, Roma.  The menu also included Polish Sausage and Cabbage.  The guest musicians held a special Jewish Hungarian presentation at the Menorah Synagogue.
  • Góbéfest raised the British Society’s awareness to the beauty of Transylvania and Hungary and introduced the Székelys, also known as the Szeklers to the UK.
  • Over 50 articles were written about Góbéfest, several radio features and interviews. BBC radio broadcasted its breakfast show from the festival site.
  • The festival created new international projects, several Erasmus partnership Youth Programmes between UK and Romania, due to start in 2018  GoBeArt talks led to an artist delegation from Manchester to Budapest.
  • More than 250 artists performed at Góbéfest, including musicians, dancers, visual artists and folk artists from three countries in Europe. The line-up also included well known headline acts and TV personalities.
  • Góbéfest introduced countless new Székely (Szekler) and Hungarian products to the UK and the festival market showcased 40 high quality stalls from businesses large and small.
  • Góbéfest attracted £166,000 of funding and investment towards Manchester’s diverse cultural life and towards the advancement of Székely Hungarian Culture in the UK.

Check out the What’s On Guide, Line Up and Market Place for 2017 in the menu.

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