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Igazi Csíki Sör

High Alcohol Content 6 %
Bock Lager Type Beer

Székely Sör

The raw ingredients are ideal! Water from Szentsimon, excellent malt from Slovakia and unique bitter hops from Segesvár. Micro filtration is used in the production allowing for a refreshing flavourful beer.

Unfiltered Igazi Csíki Sör

This beer is missing the last step from the manufacturing process which is filtration. The remaining yeast gives it a high value of nutrition, B vitamins, unique aroma, phenomenal taste and opalescent colour.

Igazi Csíki Honey Beer

This amber coloured beer was brewed with 10.000 liters of beer per 1.200 kgs of flower honey. After 40 day fermentation this winter holiday beer turned out with a 9 % alcohol content! The natural honey is from the mountains of the Székely region. During the reign of the Huns this honey beer was a very important part of their lifestyle.



NO  Pasteurization

         Enzymes used


Awarded  beer of the year  2015 Budapest  Budavár Beer Festival

Awarded best Hungarian Product 2015

Awarded beer of the year 2016 Budapest Budavár Beer Festival

Beer Factory

The production of beer in the Csíki region  is the same as it was more than a half century ago. In  Csíkszentsimon the spring water  is found to be excellent and  therefore in 2014 the Igazi  Csíki Sőr factory was built there. The demand for this new beer was so high in the first year  that we had  no choice but to expand  our factory. In September 2016 the new factory, which is 4 times larger, opened for production.

The Bavarian  Purity  Law of 1516 states that beer production consist of only 4 ingredients; water, hops, malt and yeast. Here at the Igazi  Csíki Sör Factory our raw materials are only of the best quality; this is the most important to create an excellent beer. In addition to our quality ingredients, our production is in a sterile environment with the latest technology.

Our fermentation process is done with the correct temperatures and a natural lengthy fermentation time that excludes any artificial enzymes which shorten the process.

The Igazi  Csíki Sör factory is currently employing over 100 Székely people from the surrounding region. In collaboration with Sapientia University of Csíkszereda , we created our beer recipe and converted it in our high-tech laboratory which is the best in the country.

If you would like to visit and tour the Igazi Csíki Sőr factory please call +40 755 030 895 or mail margit.tofalvi@csikisor.com

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