Ildiko Chlumetzky – Folk Artist 

“Every day we live life a bit differently. Filled with warmth, flavors, colors, moods,Individuality and uniqueness. I believe ceramics bring all of these into our modern life. As clay takes shape and becomes an artwork, earth, water and fire become one function and beauty merge, Tradition and modernity meet.”

(Ildikó Chlumetzky, 2015.,

Ildikó Chlumetzky was born in Szolnok, 1956. She started her art studies after high school in Mezőtúr, which is one of the most famous folk art and pottery centre of Hungary. In 1978 she has founded the first pottery workshop of her home town, Szolnok. Since 1976 she has had nearly 40 individual and joint exhibitions in Hungary, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Ukraine and Indonesia. She has received numerous art awards, in 2016. she was given the Hungarian Bronze Cross of Merit from János Áder, President of the Republic.

In 2016. she celebrated the 40th anniversary of her artistic activity.

Ildiko Chlumetzky’s pottery and artwork will be exhibited and available for viewing at the Góbéfest Launch Event 


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