Góbéfest is honoured to welcome back award winning Hungarian celebrity and well known popstar Ildikó Keresztes in Manchester, United Kingdom.  

Anyone who hears her characteristically deep and harsh singing voice will surely never forget her. Yet it is not only her extraordinary tone colour, but also her attitude, her overwhelming candour and dramatic force, in one words her whole personality and talent are the features that truly capture her entire audience.

Ildikó is a highly acclaimed star in Hungary with a career spanning  over 25-years.  She is a singer, songwriter and also an actress working in theatre, film and television.   The singer has released 6 award winning albums, featuring well known hits and has a very rich discography.  (Sony Music, Gold Records)  She has performed with some of the biggest bands in Hungary including Rózsaszín Bombázók, Kormorán, Omega and the Keresztes Ildikó Band. She has also contributed to over 50 albums, 25 of which are Gold Albums and some are Platinum.  

She is a well known TV star,  who was the only female judge on the X factor in Hungary for 3 years.  More recently last year,  she was a judge on the Star Academy TV Show.

Her acting career dates back to 1988 and she has appeared on some of the most popular Hungarian TV dramas and films.  She was a member of the Sopron Petőfi Theatre and also performed at Szeged Open Air Festival, the National Dance Theatre, the Madách theatre,   the Ruttkai Éva Theatre , the West Teatrum , the IBS Stage , the Margaret Island Open Air Theatre,  Open Air Theatre, The Turay Ida Theatre,  the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena and the People’s Stadium also. Her autobiography was a huge success and she has also contributed to several film soundtracks.

Find out more about Ildikó Keresztes on her official website: http://www.keresztesildiko.hu

Keep up to date with Ildikó

★ YouTube: http://bit.ly/2e3GEYm
☆ Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2e7GdyY
★ Deezer: http://bit.ly/2dVZuzj
☆ iTunes: http://apple.co/2dDtjqs


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