IoliMex is the Leader Spice Manufacturer Company in the Transylvanian region in Romania.
We started long ago in 1992 with selling products for the large public, mostly food oriented. In 1998 we founded the our sauce factory using our accumulated experience.

Now after 10 years of hard work we distribute our products: mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and tomato sauce in most parts of Romania.
Recently we also started to collaborate with an Italian distribution company.  The total of our employees number is 18 and our factory size is about 1000 m2.  Our production capacity is around 60 tons of mustard, 20 tons of mayonnaise, ketchup and tomato paste.
We work with the latest European standards,

Our brands are:

for mustard = Tonus
for ketchup = Kratos
for mayonnaise = Bonnaise
for tomato sauce = Tomas

The most renamed of our clients are: Cora Supermall, Kaufland, Profi, Mihandro and many others. Now we have more that over 150 clients in all Romania.

WWW. iolimex. com

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