What sets Jazzation apart from other acapella groups? The fact that authentic jazz music performed vocally is their main profile, and not just a sideline? Their unique stage presence, balancing perfectly between two great gentlemen and three lovely ladies? Their multiple international awards from Leipzig, Graz and Pinerolo? Their willingness to “learn from the greats”? Or their continuous mission to spread the love of acappella, wherever they are in the world?

The answer is, of course, both ALL and NONE of the above.

ALL, because all is true of this vocal group celebrating its 10th anniversary, originally created by twenty-something vocal enthusiasts in Budapest, Hungary; and NONE, because the true essence of Jazzation, the secret ingredient which keeps audiences coming back for more and sustains the group itself is something which cannot be described, but should only be experienced. Something more than musical diversity and complex vocal harmony; than simple pitch and pleasing aesthetics; than behind-the-scenes friendship and good old stage fun. Whatever it is, Jazzation will bring it on stage in Manchester soon – come and see them for yourself!


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