Krisztina Design

Handmade and Traditional Embroidered Textiles, Paintings and China
My aim is to create and maintain the Hungarian Culture, to show how wonderful it is, and to keep the authenticity of the motifs. I also love creating: painting and doing embroidery. This is part of my everyday life.
How I became a folk artist? I think, I’ve been always an artist but my life events just directed me constantly to other directions. I was brought up in Kalocsa, Hungary, a small town only 2 hours to the South from Budapest. This little city is really rich in traditions and folk art. Everywhere you go, it is all around the city. I used to spend lots of time with my grandma. Unfortunately, she didn’t teach me how to sew and embroider but I was next to her watching how her crafty fingers moved with the needles to create clothing. Her embroidery became always perfect, her sewing was accurate. I loved it, all! And I think that is how, without any intentions, she planted the love of craft, especially traditional folk art and craft into my soul. The beautiful flowers of my town, Kalocsa just have grown under her fingers, she filled pillow cases, table clothes, bed linen with them so wonderfully that I felt absolutely enchanted. And a decision was born: once, I want to be able to create those flowery fields, myself.
And here I am, a dream came true: her seeds of flowers have grown now, and I can ‘water’ my own seeds to become flowers, traditional, authentic folk art and craft from my hometown and home country!
I’m really proud of the tradition of Hungary and happy that I can show to the world how wonderful this is. Hope you will like it, too.