Gyopar Pavai is a professional music teacher, choral conductor and the Headteacher of the Zsigmond Kiraly Hungarian Cultural Club and School. She has graduated at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, currently, she is studying Educational Leadership at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Since she was 5 years old she started to learn piano, 4 years later she started to sing in the Hungarian National Opera House’s children choir. As a singer and conductor, she worked together with several professional and semi-professional orchestras and choir, therefore she had many tours around the world. However, she was the founder of the MagnificArt mini Art festival organiser group, the General Pausa Women Choir and the Bela Bartok Unitarian Church’s Chamber Choir. In 2017 she started to continue to build the North-West Hungarian Chamber Choir in Manchester as a part of the cultural projects, what her school organising.

As a creative music educator, she mixing the Kodaly method with the ABRSM British requirements with success in piano, singing, music-theory, composing and aural practises. She works as an organist, singer and second choir conductor as well, while she organising concerts, family activities and cultural events.