Rhythm of Our Thoughts is an Erasmus Plus youth work training project  organised by Beat Bazaar Projects in partnership with the youth centre in Sepsiszentgyörgy, County Kovaszna (HARIT)  which will bring together 40 youth arts & music leaders  from Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Turkey and the UK  in the week leading up to Góbéfest.  The participants will work together, share ideas an gain new knowledge,  exploring the power of music and arts as an educational tool in youth work activities.

The aim of the project is to  empower youth workers from around Europe to collaborate, promote creativity and intercultural exchanges and encourage intercultural dialogue amongst young people,  through music and visual arts and digital arts activities.

The participants will work together throughout the week leading up to Góbéfest.and they will plan a variety of music workshops, creative presentations and youth arts activities,  which they will share with the wider public at Góbéfest.



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