Góbéfest is proud to present  highly acclaimed Manchester musicians Rioghnach Connolly and Ellis Davis, adding their own style of beautiful folk music to the mix.  The musical pair from the well known band Honeyfeet will also be collaborating with the Transylmania band,  since they both share ancient pentatonic tones,  the timeless sounds of folk music, the music of the people.  

Armagh born singer and flautist strongly rooted in her trad Sean-nós background, Ríoghnach Connolly also stirs elements of Appalachia, Blues and Jazz into the folk archive cooking pot…

“A voice that echoes back through the ages of jazz and soul, resonant and resplendent in glorious, exploding power and control.”
( www.manchestermusic.co.uk)

“The Black Lung project began as I started piecing together the songs of my grandparents and those that I had grown up learning in the Armagh Piper’s Club. After collaborating with musicians in many different genres, on eclectic circuits, finding so many different types of folk songs out there, I want to bring all my loves under the one roof…just see what happens…”
(Ríoghnach Connolly)

“A voice so soulful that it seems older than her physical age by about three hundred years”

Through her performances with Honeyfeet, and collaborations with the Cinematic Orchestra’s Stuart McCallum, Connolly has already set a high standard as a band leader and vocalist. With her new solo project Black Lung, Connolly finally has the perfect medium for her soaring vocals – Cello, Saxophone, Nyckelharpa, Double Bass, Tabla, Kit, Uilleann Pipes, Bódhran, Banjo, Button Accordion, Guitar, Flute and Fiddle, providing a platform for Ríoghnach to weave centuries-old stories of love and loss, treachery and murder, to hypnotise the way that only folk music can.

“Connolly is a free spirit and strikingly self-assured…” according to Mike Butler of CityLife; “seldom has conspicuous greatness been more accessible.”

For additional information, contact: rioghnachconnolly@yahoo.com
Listen to some recent projects and rough Recordings: www.soundcloud.com/rioghnachconnolly
Download the album Black Lung: www.rioghnachconnolly.bandcamp.com
Watch some live footage: www.youtube.com/rioghnachconnolly

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