Formed in 2013, Saverne is a trio of musicians dedicated to bringing the intensity of live rock-shows into electronic dance music, combining great songwriting, progressive production skills with raw beats and an energetic delivery. Following up on a bunch of singles released in the past two years, the self-titled debut album from Saverne dropped on AM:PM Music earler this year.

The record navigates you to the meeting point of two worlds, mixing elements of various current electronic music sub-genres with a classic singer/songwriter aesthetic. The end result is the cumulative diary of a bunch of demos the crew worked on last year, and an intensive 3 month studio ‘lock-in’ they just came out of. Along with singer and songwriter Bence Kocsis, MC Gabor Csepai and DJ Daniel Szekacs, a collective of up-and-coming producers also contributed a selection of tracks to the album, amongst them Gabor Deutsch /Anorganik/, Stanislav Bendarjevsky /Stas, MRBL/, Peter Koczak /Mongoose/, Daniel Kovago /Laavalamp, Monstaz/, and Ferenc Stamusz /Stamusic/.

Quoting the likes of Justice, C2C, Flume, Glitch Mob, Stromae, Gorillaz, Jack White and Foreign Beggars as their main influences, the sound of Saverne is energetic & crunchy, keeping you in a bouncy mood throughout the album.

The band has also released a music video for the first single off the album: ‘Hendrix’ is an mid-tempo stomper driven by a catchy guitar-riff, with visuals that lead you into a beautiful, tripped-out, post-apocaliptic world of hand-drawn animation, courtesy of graphic design team Airplan. Initial responses to the video have included praise from such international blogs as gizmodo, which is a rare feat for a band from Hungary!

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