I inherited bee rearing from my father, he has bee dealing with bees for more than 50 years, so I grew up in this mentality. In 2004 I’ve finished a course of apiculture, after this I started to exercise beekeeping on a higher level, with my own bees. At the moment our apiculture consists of 220 bee colonies. In 2009 I have started a private enterprise. To achieve a higher quality we started to work in bio-apiculture. To reach a larger amount and a better quality we usually migrate the bee colonies to bee pastures, for example: acacia and linden forests, mint- and sunflower growing regions. Our colonies collect honey from different places. The southern part of the country – Olt county – is rich in acacia forests, Dobrogea and Borogan counties are rich in linden forests and sunflower fields. The wild honey is collected from the mountains of Harghita. The wandering is realized by an apiary platform, the honey extraction is also attained on these bee-pastures with an 8 honey frames, automatic honey extractor. Packaging is carried out at home, with an automatic honey-packing machine. We have several products, like: acacia honey, linden honey, wild honey, nectar (mixed-flower honey), sunflower honey, honey with dried-fruits, seedy honey, propolis, beeswax candles, royal jelly and beebread. Our activity also consists of pollen collecting, and growing mother bees in the colonies which are kept at home. Our company collaborates with the Góbé products (2011), with Székelytermékek (2010) and we possess the Transylvania Authentica (2010) trademark too.

The order of honey knighthood
I am member of the “Order of honey knighthood from Csíkszereda” which has been formed in 2011. At the moment it has 11 members. Our task is to popularize and maintain the quality of honey.


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