• Traditional Hungarian beef goulash – sourdough bread
  • Fisherman’s  soup with carp -sourdough bread
  • Beef stew with egri wine – cottage cheese dumplings
  • Hortobagyi  pancake with paprika sauce and Hungarian sausage crunch  /gluten free option
  • Pancake forestshire with hungarian ratatouille and dill jus /gluten free option, Vegetarian
  • Transylvanian mititei burger with warm zakuska and mangalica pork crisp – aromatic rosemary wedges
  • Haddock burger with home made tartatre sauce – courgettes „fries” /Pescatarian
  • Hungarian open faced sandwiches
  • Kids menu- Chicken escalop with french fries or veggies


  • Gundel pancake with  warm dark chocolate sauce and walnut brittle  / gluten free option
  • Traditional handmade gerbeaud cake
  • Cottage cheese strudel with tangy lemon veloute
  • Poppy seed dumplings with madagascan vanilla custard
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