Transylmania is a highly acclaimed 8 piece band from Székelyland, who have been going strong for the last 15 years. We are from the heart of of the forest, the heart of Transylvania, from the top of Carpathian Mountains, where the rivers still run pure, where the forests are alive. We bring with us the knowledge of our ancestors as we reignite the melodies of our past. The band was launched in 2002 by Szilamér Cseresznyés, with the aim of preserving the songs and melodies that have been passed down to us by our grandparents and to keep the folklore alive. TransylMania is about preserving our roots and heritage.

TransylMania features award winning musicians who have come together to create a truly magnificent sound.

1.Tasi Nóra (Sepsiszentgyörgy, Székelyland, Transylvania)
Young talented singer and composer who arrived from the world of jazz. Nóra studied at the Bukarest Academy of Music and then she went on to train in jazz in Budapest and Holland. She is very well known by jazz and folk lovers alike.

2.Sárosi Péter (Marosvásárhely, Székelyland, Transylvania)
Award wining pianist and composer who studied in Boston at the famous Berkley School of Music. In the last 10 years he has lived in Bucharest and has played with most well known bands, such as Azara, winning countless awards.

3.Vitéz Gáspár Álmos (Budapest, Hungary )
Highly respected violinist well known in both Hungary and Transylvania. Álmos has played with several big bands such as Kormoran and Bumerang. He has also played with the National Folk Orchestra in Hungary. Born is Székelyfold and currently living in Hungary.

4.Karácson Zsolt ( Szeged, Hungary)
Highly versatile talented drummer who has played with countless well known bands and can play various styles from punk, latin-rock, afro-jazz, acid-jazz, classic rock, folk-rock. He is currently the drummer of Kormoran and Transylmania .

5.Melkuhn Róbert (Sepsiszentgyörgy,Székelyland,Transylvania)
The flute player of the band who plays several wooden instruments. Expert in the Gyímes and Csángó Hungarian folk styles. Róbert has written countless beautiful songs for Transylmania.

6.Tókos Imi
is the rock and blues guitarist who also sings sometimes.

7.Peter Fehervari – Singer/Vocal singer (Sepsiszentgyörgy,Székelyland,Transylvania)
He is comeing from the world of theater. Finishing the University of Dramatical Arts in Cluj Napoca (RO.) in 2005, he was working as an actor/dancer/singer from Saint George (RO.) to Székesfehérvár (HU.), from Casablanca (MA.) to Karlstadt (SE.). The music for him is one of the most important part of the stage.

8.Cseresznyés Szilamér
The founder of the band, composer, songwriter and manager and all round Székely musical genius.

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