“Transylvania is like a beautiful woman”

“I never realised that our regions folk costumes, the Secler outfit exists in so many different varieties.  In the olden days this variety signalled which village or area someone is from.  The dresses are of similar tailoring but the decor and style are different in each village,  varying in embroidery, materials and patterns.  

Nowadays people don’t wear these traditional folk costumes on a daily basis,  but if there is a celebration or an event, these outfits are still very much in use.  

I decided to document the beuatiful traditional folk costumes of Seclerland, Transylvania and at the same time capture feminine charm and beauty through the photographs, whilst keeping the main aim in focus”

Botond Dávid, photographer

“For a piece of land you keep not by vows, arms or possession, but rather a secret captivating;  one that has its way with the land as a man has with a woman.  Transylvania was the most exquisite woman Hungarians had anything to do with here in Europe...” László Németh

Botond Dávid photographs will be exhibited and available for viewing at the Góbéfest Launch Event at the Dancehouse Theatre.

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