Ildikó Csige and Michael Billington UK/HU

May 2017 – 1st Góbéfest in Albert Square in Manchester. It was here that the two singers and instrumentalists met first time. Michael from Urmston near Manchester and Ildiko from Debrecen in the east of Hungary.

Very soon they met up and rehearsed a set comprising traditional Hungarian and English songs and instrumentals using the Hungarian instruments – citera (zither), ütőgardon (a percussion instrument that looks like a ranshackle ‘cello!), tekerő (hurdy-gurdy), duda (Hungarian bagpipe) and furulya (wooden whistles) as well as the more well known guitar, Appalachian dulcimer, recorders, bowed psaltery, glockenspiel and various percussion. Already they have become experienced working in folk clubs, concerts, schools and at events for the Hungarian community in Manchester. They played twice in Hull in 2017 as part of the city’s City of Culture celebrations. They are currently recording their first album for Epona Records.