21-23 June 2024 • Cathedral Gardens, Manchester

About Góbéfest

Góbéfest was established in 2017 to celebrate the little-known culture and traditions of the Szekler people – a group of ethnic Hungarians living in Transylvania, which is part of Romania. A Góbé is a friendly word for a ‘crafty Székely’. With its roots firmly in Transylvania, Góbéfest will also showcase the practices and folklores of other cultures from across Europe and beyond.

Over the last 8 years, Góbéfest has grown to become an international folk and culture festival, drawing from across the Carpathian Basin, Eastern and Central Europe and beyond. In the family tent you can expect music, arts and crafts workshops for all ages.

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What's on |Featured workshops

Story Telling and Folklore Workshops

This year we will be transporting our audience into the magical world of fairy fairy tales.

Folk Dance Workshops

You will guaranteed to learn some new dance moves as we will once again provide a wonderful opportunity for the ...

Zither Instrument Workshops For all age groups

We will be running instrument tuition workshops for beginners as well as intermediate players at the festival. Participants will be ...

Festival Programme

Main Stage

12.00-13.00    Finom Band
13.30-14.00    Csjlla
14.30-15.30    Bettina  Szanyi
16.00-17.00    Százlábú Ensemble
17.30-18.30    Michael Cretu Duo
19.00-19.30    MCR Zither & Folk Dance Ensemble
20.00-21.00    Koszika
21.30-22.30    Folktone Trio

Activity Tent

16.00-17.00    Children’s Dance House
17.00-18.00    Folk Music Workshop with Bettina Szanyi
18.00-19.00    Bagpipe Workshop with Michael Billingto

This programme is subject to change 
Main Stage

11.30-12.00    MCR Zither & Folk Dance Ensemble
12.15-12.45    Kalinka Balalaika Orchestra
13.00-13.30    Manchester Youth String Orchestra
13.45-14.15    Szép Arany Dance Group
14.45-15.30    Koszika
16.00-17.00    Children’s Philharmonia of Szentegyháza
17.30-18.30    Elemér Duka
18.45-19.15    Bristol  Hungarian Dance Group
19.15-19.45    Hunique Folk Ensemble
20.00-20.30    Százlábú Dance Ensemble
20.30-21.00    Community Táncház | Dance House
21.30-22.30    Yek Duy

Activity Tent

11.00-12.00    Ringató Workshop For Babies with Ildikó Csige
12.00-13.00    Dance House for Little People Panka Hermán
13.00-14.00    Zither Workshop wth Gyopár Pávai
14.30-15.30    Cimbalom Workshop with János Kállai
16.00-19.00    Honey Bread Workshop with Klara Répás

This programme is subject to change 

Main Stage

11.30-12.00    Simona Furdui
12.10-12.20    Michal Borkowski Zither Player
12.20-13.00    Hunique Folk Ensemble
13.10-13.40    TK" Ripni-Ka" Bulgarian Dance Ensemble
13.50-14.20    Bristol Hungarian Dance Group
14.30-15.00    Tezaur Romanian Dance Ensemble
15.10-15.40    Podilya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
15.50-16.20    ZPit Polonez Manchester Polish Dance
16.30-17.00    Százlábú Dancers from Transylvania
17.30-18.30    Children’s Philharmonia of Szentegyháza
19.00-20.00    Ildikó Csige & Michael Billington
20.30-21.30    Karolina Wegrzyn & Banda

Activity Tent

11.00-12.00    Arts & Crafts with the Hungarian Scouts
12.00-13.00    Romanian Singing Workshop with Simona Furdui
13.00-14.00    Zither Workshop | Come and have a go!
14.00-14.30    Bulgarian Dance Workshop with TK Ripni-Ka
14.30-15.00    Polish Dance Workshop with ZPit Polonez
15.00-15.30    Hungarian Dance workshop with Bristol Dance Group
15.30-16.00    Romanian Dabce Workshop with Tezaur
16.30-17.00    Ukrainian Dance Workshop with Podilya

This programme is subject to change 

Recap of Góbéfest

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Festival Programme

Friday, June 24

Saturday, June 25

Sunday, June 26

Góbéfest News

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We are all set for something very special

The Children's Philharmonia of Szentegyháza, also known as The Fili, be performing on Saturday 24th of June and Sunday 25th ...
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Unveiling Gingerbread Masterpieces

At Gobéfest this year professional folk artist Klara Répás will present for the first time her new creations, which have ...
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