Góbéfest 2022

In 2022 we saw the biggest Góbéfest to date, attracting over 20000 people over 3 days. Our festival had two stages located in Cathedral Gardens and Exchange Square. More than 200 artists took part in the festival, including Finom Band, Barozda and Tokos from Transylvania; Góbé, Zsaya, Tóth Company from Hungary; Stacja Fanfara, Chuva, Manchester international Roots Orchestra plus many more. On Sunday we had a folk dance day showcasing the outstanding 49 piece young peoples dance group from Transylvania The’Százlábú’ (Caterpillar) Ensemble, alongside Podilya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Ansamblul "Tezaur" Romanian Dance group, Polonez Polish dance group, Hunique dance from London, Gergiovden Bulgarian Folklore Group and the Hungarian Folk dance group of Bristol. Children and Young people were celebrated throughout the festival including on the stage. Performing Youth groups also included the The Kalinka Balalaika Orchestra and the Mátyás Király Zither Ensemble. For the first time ever we welcomed a professional puppet theatre company Cimborák who wowed the audience with a performance based on the works of famous Szekler Writer Elek Benedek. Góbéfest 2022 was a truly fantastic and memorable festival. Check out the photos from Csaba Vojtek, Donald Judge & Zsofia Piukovity.