Ildikó Csige & Friends UK/HU/World

Ildikó is a professional singer and tutor in Hungarian Folk Music styles. She arrived in Manchester 10 years ago on a cultural scholarship. She has been a regular on our line-up, has been fully involved with Góbéfest from the very beginning.

She has collaborated with a wealth of artists from different cultural backgrounds. She performs in folk clubs and festivals as a soloist and as an Anglo-Hungarian duo with musician Michael Billington. She also performs with MIRO - Manchester International Roots Orchestra led by Michael Cretu.

This year she has put together a showcase of musicians from Greater Manchester who are her friends from previous Góbéfests, folk clubs, workshops, and MIRO.

Ildikó is inspired by her authentic Hungarian music heritage and has connected with an array of musicians in the last 10 years in Manchester. They look for similarities in sound and music finding the connection of their souls.

Her showcase involves an international cohort of musicians from all around the world including Michael Billington, Rob Wakefield, Ann Wilkes, Fariba Taghypoor, Cecilia Keuffer Sterk, Zsuzsa Földes, Kazem Shakeri, Jozeph Roberts, Hannah McCabe, Michael Cretu, Dana Ismaili.