The Kalinka Balalaika Orchestra MCR

MyHub Music Centres in collaboration with One Education Music presents The Kalinka Balalaika Orchestra - a community group for adults and young people in South Manchester. The group will be playing balalaika and domras. rehearse 5.30-8  on Mondays at Chorlton Central Church. They always welcome new players including beginners. Instruments are provided.

The teachers of the Kalinka Youth Balalaika Orchestra declare their solidarity with the courageous people of Ukraine, and with those in Russia who dare to voice their opposition to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

We believe that music has a unique power to encourage mutual understanding and appreciation beyond national barriers, as the Kalinka Orchestra has demonstrated for almost 40 years, inspiring players and audiences with pieces from Russia, Ukraine, the British Isles, and elsewhere.

Brian Hulme, founder of Kalinka