The Scattered Collective The World

The Scattered Collective is a Salford University-based World Music ensemble that draws its inspiration from popular and folk music repertoire from around the world.  Now in its ninth year (2015 - present), it acts as a true ‘musical collective’ as it waxes and wanes in size – depending on musician availability, student cohorts, performance objectives and the musical expertise required.

Acceptance into the group does not depend on auditions or linguistic groups - but instead asks the question: Are you willing to learn new instruments and sing songs in languages as far afield as Japanese, Norwegian or Sotho?

With such a vast area to cover, the group’s repertoire is drawn to two areas: The first is the more ‘Show Case’ style repertoire, used specifically for performances that engage with national events such as Black History Month or International Women’s Day.

The more beloved repertoire, however, draws on folk music and ‘Tafel Muzik’ from around the world. This repertoire stretches from Europe, through to India, sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, South America and back again.

Our Góbéfest repertoire will focus mainly on music from the Balkan countries, Transylvania, and Hungary