Ti Ti Ta Hungarian Folk Dance Group UK/HU

Warrington | Cheshire | Greater Manchester

The Ti-Ti-Ta Hungarian Folkdance Group was established in March 2015 in Chester by some enthusiastic Hungarians. From September 2017 they have been based mainly in Warrington, but they perform all over Greater Manchester. This group is the first Hungarian Dance group in the area of North West England. Their aim is to learn the traditional Hungarian folk dances and to proudly represent the Hungarian Culture and traditions. This allows them to hand over their tradition to the next generation.

The members of the community dance group are Hungarians who live in Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester, who practice once week on Saturdays. Currently the group operates on a voluntary basis and also make their own costumes.

Ti-Ti-Ta performs authentic dance material, originating mostly from the present Hungarian regions but Transylvanian folk dances are also in their repertoire. Their dance teachers and choreographers are Viktoria Szűcs and Èvi Adonyi.

From Autumn 2018 the dancers have been collaborating with some folk musicians who are in a band entitled Guzsalyas. More recently Ti-Ti-Ta dancers held their first dance house with Guzsalyas in Manchester as well.

They have also performed at the Manchester Day celebrations and the Manchester Festival.