Góbé is a word meaning “crafty Sekler”. The Székelys or Székely are ethnic Hungarians living in SzékelyLand, an ethno-Hungarian region in Transylvania, Romania, which literally means “the land beyond the forest”. Székelyland in Transylvania is very rich in music, folklore & culture and it is simply beautiful. Mountains, magical springs, volcanic lakes and deep velvet forests, which inspire the folklore and melodies to continue. A lot of the classical music you hear today has been influenced in some way by the powerful folk music created in these forests. From Beethoven, Brahms, Strauss, Liszt, to Zoltán Kodály and Béla Bartók.

SzékelyLand in Transylvania is also a favourite holiday destination for Prince Charles, who visits the area regularly, and is particularly fond of the environmentally-friendly farming methods used by the Székelys. Góbéfest aims to raise awareness of SzékelyLand in order to help preserve the truly spectacular wild forests of the region and to protect the rich and diverse cultural heritage of this magical place.  The Transylvanian Forests are the last remaining forests in Europe, full of wildlife that is already extinct in Europe,  such as bears and wolfs.

Brave, feisty and deeply emotional in nature the Góbé heritage and traditions are centuries old, passed on by ancestors through song, verse and folklore. According to legend, the Székelys are descendents of the Huns, and they maintained their warrior spirit up until today. Góbéfest aims to capture the wholeheartedness and authentic zest of the Góbé lifestyle and give Manchester something new and different.