Chocohause - Handmade Chocolate

The Chocohause brand was out of a love for chocolate, cakes & sweets. Chocohause offers a wide range of traditional and unique specialties. All our products are handmade from the best and highest quality ingredients. Our goal is for our customers to feel and enjoy different combinations of sweet and extremely delicious flavours to break away from reality for a moment. We have more than 9 years of experience in making chocolate and our brand occupies a prominent place in the range of chocolate products and homemade sweets. Starting from our desire to share the love of chocolate and the joy of homemade products, we opened our lab in 2018. Every day we work to offer special experiences and wonderful delicacies, constantly improving our offerings. Because we are proud of what we do, love our work and trust in the quality of our products, we offer you a FREE tasting before you buy.