Mihócsa Pálinka

The company behind Mihócsa Pálinka Manufaktúra was originally launched in Kecskemét in 1996 as a pálinka distillery named Iványossy Bt.

After gaining years of experience and perfecting the art of brewing pálinka, József Mihócsa and his sons Csaba Mihócsa and Szilveszter Mihócsa decided to start brewing commercially and launch an exciting new brand. This is how Mihócsa Pálinka Manufaktúra was born.

The brewery makes fragrant and delicious distillates using high-quality ripe fruit. Sourcing raw materials locally from Kecskemét and the surrounding areas, Mihócsa supports local producers.

With the permission of the General Assembly of the City of Kecskemét County, the pálinka bottles bear the name and coat of arms of the city of Kecskemét.