Pompás Mézes Unique Gingerbread

Honey bread is a "food offered to the Gods". Sweets that stand for any occasion, to celebrate a special moment and enjoy many pleasures. I would like to bring happiness for people with this lovely cookie. My maiden name is Sütő, (in English Baker), which is funny afterwards, since I never thought I will start baking, such a special thing as a honey bread. Everything is made with love. I've been making honey breads since 2016. I would like to pass on our culture and traditions to people living in the United Kingdom. Let us experience the fun of getting a honey bread in the fair.

I will never forget when my grandmother gave me a mirrored heart, a baby shape, and a hussar honey bread. From this motive I began to bake, first to my children, acquaintances and for Hungarian fair's. A year ago I was on a basic course in Hungary, from then I improving my skills. I try to incorporate Hungarian traditional patterns and the modern colours, flowers, decorations. Unique special pieces are made, such as the dancers inspired by local dance groups, boxes, which can be used as ornaments as well. One of the best qualities of the honey bread is that the honey preserves the cookie, and it can be kept for long in sealed packaging, memory for more than 10 years, nice decoration!

The Pompás Mézes Unique Gingerbread is a traditional Hungarian recipe that our ancestors made for celebrations and other occasions. The Unique of this that made with honey and different spices as cinnamon, cloves, ginger. Making it have a long tradition, originated as this was offered as the "gods food" , and the role of a precious gift among people. Usually decorated with royal icing, the shape and decoration is endless.
The honey gives sweetness and long preserves the biscuit. As a decoration stay for years as a unique masterpiece in your home.

Enjoy the sweetness and the beauty of Hungarian gingerbread!