Sekler Product

The Sekler Product trademark is a trade mark established by Harghita County Council in 2009. Over the past six years, Sekler products have grown into a movement.   112 producers requested and obtained the right to use the trademark for more than 1,000 products. The Sekler product brand can be claimed in a number of sectors: food, handicraft, industrial products and intellectual products.

Sekler Land is a rich agricultural area for Europe. With the introduction of the Sekler Product brand, the Harghita County Council intends to continue to live up to these traditions and to gain access to high-quality, healthy Sekler foods.

By selling the Sekler Products, protected by the trademark and delivering the products to domestic and foreign chain stores, we bring the Sekler’s work efforts to the European consumers’ table. Combined with tourism, Sekler Products are popular in domestic and foreign trade fairs, and we create new local product processing factories in Seklerland.

What makes a product Sekler?

  • Originally rooted in traditions,
  • Impeccable quality

How can we describe a “Sekler Product”?

  • Location specific
  • Traditional
  • Prone to growth and progress
  • Adaptable