Ringató workshop with Ildikó Csige HU

The Hungarian word "Ringató" means: "Dandling".

During the activities, the educational principles of the “Kodály concept” relating to pre-kindergarten children are practised. When should the musical education of a child start? Kodály’s answer is as follows: “…nine months before the birth of the child…I would go further: the musical education of the child should start nine months before the birth of the mother”. What Kodály meant was that every mother should believe that singing and saying ditties just like her own musical education were all important from the aspect of the healthy development of the child even the infant. That is why it is useful for the mother to know baby songs, lap games, Hungarian folk songs and other musical material which children of this age like, and through which the musical education can already start in the family.

You can take part in Ringató activities in the UK in four different venues every week. 

All families with little children are welcome to join us for cheerful singing and playing in Manchester every Saturday. You can get a taste of this atmosphere and our Hungarian music culture at Góbéfest.

The Ringató workshop is led by Ildikó Csige.