Annamari Dancs & Péter Laki HU

The Budapest Operetta Theatre soubrette dance duo. They will be presenting the highly successful ‘Pearls of Hungarian operettas’, a performance containing some of the best known operettas including popular songs from The Csárdás Queen, Miska the Magnate, Countess Maritza and acrobatic choreography seen in the Buda Castle Gala programme. They usually perform the most comical energetic dance soubrette pieces in the Budapest Operetta Theatre shows.

Annamari Dancs has been singing since her childhood.  She has been part of the Budapest Operetta Theatre since 2010. In 1996 she had her pop music debut as a Transylvanian Hungarian Artist. She wrote 137 songs, recorded 11 solo albums, produced 20 music videos and released 5 DVDs, and to this day she is still the most famous of Székely Hungarian singers.  She continues to mesmerise audiences worldwide with her outstanding and versatile performances.

After studying history at the Szeged University, Péter Laki turned to music and theatre. He studied classical singing in Szolnok in the Ádám Jenő Music School. In 2013 he won a national talent competition in the category of operettas and in the same year he also joined the Operetta Academy and the Broadways Musical Studio in Budapest.