Annamária Simó & Viktor Rakonczai HU

Annamária Simó is a performing artist and the voice of Székelyudvarhely. In 2017 she won 'The most beautiful song in Transylvania' contest. Her songs are featured on the Hungarian Radio and TV stations across Szeklerland. Annamária regularly performs at international festivals with her band. In 2019 she performed a well known anthem ‘Nélküled’ in the DAC MOL Aréna in Hungary and her performance was viewed by thousands of people around the world

Thanks to a lucky encounter she met Viktor Rakonczai with whom she shares the same musical taste and cultural background , and the pair have been working together for the past year.

Soon they will be releasing an epic song they wrote together entitled " Csodák ösvényén" . This song is about Trianon and every single person who lives far from their mother land but whose heart always pulls them back to their home.

Viktor Rakonczai is an award winning producer, songwriter and pianist (Artisjus, Emerton, Fonogram). Viktor is one of the most recognised producer/ songwriters of the the last 25 years with countless hits and international acclaim. Over the years he has collaborated with over 70 artists and has created several gold and platinum albums.