Barozda HU/EU/RO

The Transylvanian band BAROZDA (which means Furrow) was formed in 1976 in the town of Csikszereda (Miercurea-Ciuc), Romania. The band explored traditional Hungarian folk music from its roots, taught and inspired by village musicians, travelling all over Transylvania.

In the late 70's, Barozda was in the frontline, taking the original forms and traditions of folk music to the city centre stages. They were then original initiators of the Hungarian Dance House movement in Transylvania, bringing traditional folk music music to a wider and younger audience, setting the standard of the great Hungarian "tanchaz" movement in Transylvania.

In 1986 the political pressure became hard on the ethnic Hungarians and forced the band to leave its native fields behind. Members at time Imre Bokor, Jozsef Simo and Lajos Toro emigrated to Sweden.
Having become a well known and popular group of musicians, Barozda was soon a frequent performer at Swedish festivals and nationally known folk music clubs. Throughout their Western years they were also invitated to perform in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland, and featured on various Swedish national radio and TV shows.

The Barozda Band undertook to collect, research and interpret authentic Hungarian folk music from the beginning. Along with folk music, the Band also committed itself to old music. They regularly perform Old Music and Folk Music festivals all over Europe.