Zsaya HU

Zsaya is a Hungarian contemporary folk band.  It’s singers and founder were formerly members of the acclaimed Holdviola band, which has gained several prestigious awards over the years.    This formation reveals many new, exciting, sometimes “bold” directions in music, in addition to electro-folk.

“Our style represents folk-based musical freedom and flexibility. The thinking of the man of today,  who sees the legacy of the old age as a companion.  We also draw from other cultures as we proclaim the universality of music.

We respect traditions and we don’t nurture them but we use them instead.   With our own, free-spirited, emotional interpretation, we help them to survive and pass on. We want to convey harmony and a sense of acceptance of each other to people. At the origins of our music is always our traditional musical culture, but in reality, the far corners of the world interact with each other. ”