Csíkmadaras Folk Collective RO/HU

At this year’s Gobefest: GóBé at Home, the Csíkmadaras Folk Collective are inviting you to the Madarasi Hargita, known as the Holly Mountain of the Szekler people, the highest peak of the Eastern Carpathians (at 1801 m above sea level), situated in Eastern Transylvania and right in the heart of Szeklerland.

Csíkmadaras Folk Collective is a collaboration of heritage music and dance artists and groups based in Csíkmadaras, including: Antal Adorján, Antal Tibor, Antal Zsolt, Biró Éva, Biró Júlia, Csíkmadarasi Hagyományőrző Csoport, Csíkmadarasi Népi Zenekar and Mezei Ernő.

We are sure, that you will enjoy their performance and the breathtaking sights of the ancient woodlands, that will make you choose Csíkmadaras and the Szeklerland as your next holiday destination, so you can experience the fresh air, delicious culinary treats and the welcoming culture of the Szekler people.