Folktone Band UK/HU

Members of the Folktone band started to play together in 2013. They all grew up and got their musical education in Hungary, then found a new home in the UK. Their wide range of repertoire, versatile activities, hunger for musical challenge and adventure allows them to perform all around the UK and abroad as well.

They have performed in England, in Wales, in Scotland, Hungary in Germany and Romania. Future engagements are planned in Switzerland Austria and in Japan.

Folktone band performed all over the the country with UK based Hungarian dance groups.

Within the last few years the ensemble performed at: Oxford University, Birmingham Moseley festival, Royal Northern College of Music, Birmingham City University, Wales music festival, "Tandem" festival of Oxford, and "Bach to baby" concert series in London and in  Birmingham. Also they collaborated and performed with Muzsikas Ensemble and Marta Sebestyen.

The ensemble is committed to look after living folk traditions in the Carpathian basin, they have visited culturally significant villages in Transylvania and different parts of Hungary, learning folk music and dance from traditional village musicians and dancers, provided music for several dance occasions and courses in Transylvania.

They also started a project “Found in translation”, where more and more nations and ethnic groups music will be connected.

Members of the ensemble play several instruments, in addition to the standard violin, 3 or 4 string viola and double bass, they also use beaten gardon, dulcimer (cimbalom), kobza (folk lute), drums, jaw harp and the clarinet.