Gergiovden Folklore Fitness Group  UK/BG

The 'Horo' (spelled Хоро in Bulgarian, pronounced horò) is a communal folk chain dance that you would typically see in Bulgaria, as well as some other countries in the Balkan region.

The beauty of Bulgarian Horo comes in different variations.The dance can be performed in a closed circle, single chain, or in two parallel lines.

While it's believed that Horo derives from ancient Thracian times, this traditional dance continues to be an integral part of any Bulgarian gatherings to this very day. Many believe that Horo serves as means to connect human and cosmic as one.

It is no surprise that dancing Horo is considered to be akin to yoga, with its many benefits to physical as well as mental health.

This is also the reason why we call ourselves 'Gergiovden Folklore Fitness Group'. The group was founded 2 years ago and it is growing at a fast rate, with over 50 people attending at present.