Hungarian Folk Dance Group of Bristol UK/HU

The Hungarian Folk Dance Group of Bristol was formed in Sept 2019 by Andrea Szabo who was a delegate of a Hungarian traditionalist programme. We had an intense start up as a beginner dance group, but due to covid we had just as much time off as on since we formed, and this made it pretty difficult to progress. Despite the forced breaks and the loss of our instructor who was called back to Hungary as soon as the pandemic started, we managed to learn Szatmari, Szeki and Moldavian dances by our new instructors: Adam Radics and Diana Szeidler-Lednitzky. The group is constantly growing, thanks to the recently held first Hungarian folk dance house in Bristol. We are pleased to perform Szatmári dances choreographed by Andea Szabo, and various dances from Moldavia choreographed by Adam Radics.