Hunique Folk Ensemble UK/HU

Hungarian Folk Ensemble was founded in London in 2008. Its members are enthusiastic Hungarians living in London and its surrounding counties. They hold three rehearsals a week. On Mondays for beginners, Tuesdays for intermediate dancers and on Thursdays the more advanced members get together to rehearse a variety of dances from different regions of Hungary . The leaders of the groups all have years of experience in teaching Hungarian folk dancing. Also, Hunique Dance organize Social Folk Dance events for live music once a month, where everyone is welcome.

In 2017 the dance group has decided to organise folk dance events for children. In September 2013, the group united with the Hungarian Culture and Heritage Society. It is their joint aim to represent the Hungarian culture and its traditions in the United Kingdom via high-quality and uplifiting performaces. Providing high-quality entertainment, in order to draw up a realistic picture of Hungary’s colourful culture, is a very important goal of the organization. They organize dance workshops and events such as the Hungarian Cultural Day where people from any cultural background can meet and learn aboutthe customs, foods and music of Hungary. Dance workshops are organized every 6-8 weeks that allow any dance lover relish different dance routines from Hungary.

Folk dancing has always been a significant part of Hungarian culture. Hunique’s goal is to preserve this fundamental tradition and pass it on. Therefore it is their future aim and plan to start up a children’s dance group in order to provide opportunities for young talents to enjoy the beauties of this wonderful tradition.

The dances and costumes of the group represent the variety and richness of folkore and customs of the entire Carpathian Basin which have emerged over centuries. The dances they perfom are based on authentic film records. In their performances they wear the traditional folk dress, the dancers are always dancing in the area's matching attire. Hunique has been representing the Hungarian culture and its customs on many occassions at different UK festivals and events, and they often perform at various Hungarian schools too. 2016 was the first year when Hunique has organized a very succesful and fun-filled Folk Dance Camp which has been a 4 day event, where Hungarian dances were taught by professional dance instructors from Hungary. Hunique has developed a great friendship with the Folktone Band, they regulary provide high-quality, live Hungarian folk music in the dance workshops, social dance events (táncház, folk-kocsma) and the performances.

Hunique Dance group takes steps to cooperate with other nation’s dance groups in UK. Dance techers/choreographers: Anita Dudás, Gellért Szabó, Vilmos Hatházi. Company manager: Boldizsar Acsai.

Hunique is not only an ensemble but also a group of dance lovers who like socializing in their free time, and often go camping, on excursions or even go out for meals and drinks. You can easily follow Hunique’s events and their work by having a look at their facebook page.