Csjlla UK/HU

Csjlla is a Hungarian singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and multi-disciplinary artist. She connects the dots between traditional, experimental, ambient, and psychedelic music. Emerging is an ethereal landscape of post-folk, digging back to the old, inherent values of music from postmodern chaos. With storytelling and dreamy melodies, she unfolds an intimate and introspective experience, often described as a “journey” or “a different world” by the audience.

Contemplating universal topics under a veil of mysticism, such as spirituality, lust, and human responsibilities, her songs create a raw transcendent atmosphere, with the lingering incentive that listeners may self-reflect and interrogate their hearts for their own, pure truth.

Csjlla released her first EP, Veins of Mountains, in 2019, recorded in a small shed in Pécs, in the south of Hungary. After living in London for three years, she released Re-Transmission: Live in Area 51, a live session compiling Hungarian folk songs in an experimental musical context.

Apart from being a small act of rebellion, this EP is also an attempt to reconcile with the inherent experience of music and culture: what would folk music sound like, if it was created in the present?

Her latest release, The Red Sun, features Turkish guitarist Arif Erdem Ocak (founder of the highly popular rock band Seksendört, and Turkish psychedelic jazz band, Nasip Kismet).

Csjlla's music is a reconciliation of what we lost by leaving the past, and what we gained by entering the future.