Koszika & the Hotshots RO/HU/NZ/UK/USA/NL

 Transylvanian Ethno Indie Pop - Balkan Funk & Soul Fusion. 

Their multicultural concerts take us either on joyrides, exuberantly energetic and wild, untamed - or on inner shamanic journeys back to the roots. 

Besides original compositions they incorporate ancient folk tunes and rhymes in their modern, electrically eclectic sound,giving us a glimpse about how these hundred year old folk tales and tunes would sound and feel like in the 21st century. 

Combining styles that are geographically distant they bring together cultures - overcoming borders and genres.
Best served LIVE!

More info: The musical collective lead by singer-composer-lyricist Koszika has a number of awards, played at prestigious festivals in Romania, Hungary and France, had international concerts and tours. The members are trained in classical, traditional and jazz music. 

The two founding members, singer Koszika and guitarplayer, co-composer Szász Csaba play as a duo, too, and their Transylvanian Tales concert has international success. The two of them took their songs to the Niagara, in Barcelona, in the Austrian and Italian Alps, showing their multicultural musical background to a wide variety of public of other cultures. 

In 2021 they made their dream true by producing a symphonic pop-folk concert named Transylvanian Symphonic Tales with the support of Romanian Cultural Fund (AFCN) for their 10th year anniversary, where their music acted as a bridge between cultures, fields of music and musicians, ethnic groups and age groups.

Line-up (7+1 members)

Frankie Ercsei (NL/RO) / drums, drum pads

Éltes Áron / sax

Koszorus Krisztina Koszika / vocals, fx, composition, lyrics

Szász Csaba / guitar, fx, composition

Vaughn Roberts (NZ/UK/USA/RO / trumpet, brass arrangement)

Sárdi Tamás (HU/RO) / keys, fx

Zonda Attila / bass, fx

+ technic Ötvös Ajtony