Magyar Banda HU

Style – Energy – Original

Hungarian pop of the culture..
A band formed by the most renowned young musicians of the Hungarian folk music movement. Their production, inspired from overseas, puts Hungarian musical culture on stage in a youthful, trendy way, with artists who are mostly known from pop-rock festival stages.

The members of the band have lived for music since birth, their virtuoso knowledge of instruments, and the topicality and innovative arrangement of folk songs are what immediately draw the audience into their special world.
„Our intention is not to represent snapshots of the past, but to express ourselves in a modern way in the musical language we inherited from our old masters.”

The leader:
Jr. Béla Szerényi, Junior Príma Award winning performer, composer – vocal, tarogato, flutes
(Art scholarship holder of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, professor at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music)
Márton Szilágyi – violin
Máté Solymosi – violin
Márton Fekete – viola
Ferenc Zimber – dulcimer
Máté Tóth – doublebass

Brass section:
Dávid Csizmadia – lead trumpet
(BJC Big Band, Budapest Scoring Orchestra)
Balázs Pecze – trumpet, flugelhorn
(Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra)
Zoltán Kiss – trombone
(Mnozil Brass, Schagerl Artist)
Feat. performers:
Bori Hegedűs – vocal
(A Dal 2022 döntőse, Godfater)
Izabella Caussanel – vocal
(Ötödik Évszak)
Lilla Orbay – vocal
(Ephemere duo)
In 2021 their first album „12 Betyár” was published by Fonó Budai Zeneház. In 2023, their new cycle entitled „Ezüstgombosok” will debut, which will be released track by track, also each with an own video clip.