Rob Wakefield UK

I am Rob Wakefield from Stockport, UK. I was introduced to Hungarian music at an early age, learning Bartók on the piano and after watching Muzsikás band play in Budapest. In particular, I fell in love with the music of Gyímes, and have been many times to Gyímesközéplok village to learn this unique style of fiddle from Tímár Viktor – a highly respected veteran player. I often play accompanied by my partner Louise, on gardon (cello-drum).

At Gobéfest 2018, I was introduced to Titita dance group based in Warrington and joined a small group of Hungarian musicians. I am learning to play Brácsa (three string viola) and Koboz (lute) and we formed Guzsalyas band, playing Széki, Dunántuli, Füzesi, Moldvai, Felcsíki and Gyimesi music, primarily for dancing. In addition to fiddle, viola and lute – I also like to play citera (zither) and tekerő (hurdy-gurdy), and have been lucky enough to have played with both Michael Billington and Ildikó Csige.