The Kincskeresők | Treasure Hunters HU/RO

The Kincskeresők folk dance ensemble has been based at the Kónya Ádám Cultural Centre in Sepsiszentgyörgy since 2014. They have in total 4 young peoples dance groups Tiny Treasures, Treasures, Big Treasures and Treasure hunters. The ensemble has performed at countless events and festivals in Romania and abroad.

Their aim is to build our community through dance and to share their authentic heritage as they have learnt it from their grandfathers, Hungarian folk music, dancing and games. In the spirit of Bartók, their ethos is that one can only truly understand and get to know one's own folk dances if he or she also learns about the neighbours folk dances.

The founders and leaders of the group are Tőkés Edit és Tőkés Csaba Zsolt.