The Százlábú (Caterpillar) ensemble HU/RO

The Százlábú (Caterpillar) ensemble was launched in 2006 in Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfantu Gheorghe), having the aim of teaching Hungarian folk games, songs and dances to young generations.
We have attended several prestigious festivals in the last 14 years, and by this year we have reached the number of 33 performances annually, both in our hometown, other areas of Transylvania, and abroad in Hungary, Portugal, Finland and Russia.
Today there are more than 170 members in our ensemble, having rehearsals in three groups: Aprólábak (Tiny Feet) Children's Folk Dance Group, Százlábacskák(Tiny Caterpillars) Children's Folk Dance Group and Százlábú (Caterpillar) Youth Folk Dance Group.
Our Youth Dance Group has 26 members aged between 15-19, having 2-3 rehearsals a week, led by Endre Virág and Imola Virág, both of whom are professional folk dancers and folk dance instructors.
The ensemble performs choreographies presenting mainly Hungarian, Romanian and Gypsy dances, and all of these have been learnt from authentic sources.
We organize a one-week training camp each year, acquiring new dances and working on team-building. For these occasions, we invite professionally recognized folk dance instructors from different areas of the Carpathian basin. We also attend the Transylvanian Hungarian Folk Dance Anthology each year, which is preceded by a rigorous selection.
Our ensemble is financially supported by the Covasna County Cultural Center.