Tokos Band HU/RO

This award winning band formed in 2010 by students of the Kolozsvár Music Academy as part of the vibrant dance house movement in the city.  Initially the band entertained the student population of Kolozsvár in pubs, clubs, cafes and dance houses but they soon became popular guests at Hungarian village halls, camps and festivals around Transylvania.  In 2014 they won first place in the well known Hungarian TV Folk Music contest:  Fölszállott a páva. in 2017 they released their debut album "Hallgassátok meg, magyarim” which they showcased at the Hungarian Opera House in Kolozsvár in Transylvania. 

Tókos Csongor Attila - violin

Vajas Albert - violin

Szép Gyula Bálint - viola (brácsa), violin

Gergely Elek- accordion, double bass

Toth Adorján Márton - double bass, viola (brácsa)

Bálint Zsombor - cimbalom, viola (brácsa), double bass