Toth Company HU

The members of the band have performed together on several projects.  This will be their first appearance under the name Toth Company, performing  Ervin Mark Tóth’s compositions.  The band is the winner of the prestigious Talentum Hungaricum award,  the National Talent Centre’s award for talented young musicians in Hungary.  

Their music is catchy, reminiscent of movie soundtracks,  with complex rhythms and melodies,  rich harmonies.  

Band Members 

Ervin Márk Tóth - Composer/ Bass Clarinet -.  Studied at the Bern University of Arts in Switzerland 

Krisztián Ördög - Tenor Saxophonist, a Liszt Ferenc Music Academy Alumni, Talentométer competition winner in 2015

Áron Tálas - Pianist , Béla Bartók Conservatory jazz-piano lecturer. Winner of the Junior Artisjus award in 2020. 

Zsolt Vörös - Double Bass & Bass player, studied at the Berklee College of Music winner of several jazz competitions. 

Krisztián Gulyás-Szabó Dobos,  Liszt Ferenc Academy