Vox Insana Chamber Choir -HU

The choir celebrated it's 10th birthday in 2019. Ever since we started our choir, we have always been on the lookout for new challenges to improve and to be able to perform better and better. We organise a solo concert – a concert where members can show themselves on stage alone or in chamber formations – every other year. These concerts have turned out to be our most popular and most successful shows!

Although we are not professionals and most of our members have never studied music outside of school, maintaining the highest standards within our performances is an essential part of our philosophy. In 2018, we attended our first big international choir competition in Krakow. We are very proud that we achieved 3rd place in the “Chamber Choir” category at Cracovia Cantans.

At GóbéFest this year we were looking forward to performing a concert of modern and contemporary Hungarian pieces, but unfortunately, due to the current situation, we had to cancel our rehearsals. So at GóBé at Home we would like to present a compilation of our best performances, capturing our greatest memories from the past 10 years, featuring songs from our album 'I’m Gonna Sing' which we released last year.

We hope to perform for you all in Manchester next year.